Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Taitsu believes that its social responsibility is to protect personal information and declares action on the following.

1. Collecting and using personal data

Taitsu regulates the collection of personal information to within the scope of its clearly defined objective. Also, the use of personal information is restricted to within the scope of the objective of collection, except with the consent of the person in question or when authorized by law.

2. Managing and protecting personal information

Taitsu prevents unauthorized access, loss, damage, tampering and leakage of personal data by implementing essential and appropriate safety measures. Also, the company implements employee training necessary in this area and at the same time builds a responsible management system for the appropriate management of personal data.

3. Handling personal information

Unless with the advance authorization of the person in question or authorized under law, Taitsu shall not disclose or present personal information to third parties other than contractors of Taitsu services. In such a case, action will be taken to prevent leakage, etc., by imposing obligations under contract defining handling of personal information, unless under extraordinary circumstances.

4. Responding to inquiries on personal information

Taitsu shall respond to requests from an individual on confirmation, revision, disposal, etc., of personal information on the said individual and take appropriate action within the scope of rational action.

5. Compliance and continual improvement

Taitsu shall comply with laws, regulations and norms on the protection of personal data and at the same time take continual action to review and improve its personal data protection and management systems, including the Privacy Policy herein.

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