The Taitsu group is working continually on the protection of the global environment in the course of implementing its business operations

Taitsu's action on environmental protection

Taitsu Corporation is taking companywide action to achieve harmony between business activities and protection of the global environment. Environmental protection is established as its corporate mission, and all of its workers are committed to the reduction of reducing impact on the global environment as their social responsibility. In this effort, activities are being conducted continually and improvements made on such activities, in addition to the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.
Taitsu has been prompt also in meeting regulatory requirements introduced on the use of hazardous substances and recycling, introduced in rapid succession with EU's RoHS Directive, REACH, WEEE, etc. Also, the company believes it is its responsibility to be actively responding to regulations that are scheduled to be reviewed soon.
Environmental action is being taken at all times through the supply of products friendly to the global environment, exhaustive compliance with the PRTR law on chemical management and other environment-related laws, and practical application of environmental awareness by all workers on a daily basis.

Major functions of each division in environmental protection

Product development division
Chemical substance control
Development of environment regulation-compliant products
Production activities
Emission & waste reduction
Purchasing division
Green purchasing
Sales division
Energy & resources conservation
Reduction in waste
Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
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