Our vow is to promptly, assuredly, and continuously produce and supply capacitors as they are electronic devices essential for industry.

Capacitors are essential components of electronic equipment. Taitsu’s strength is in plastic film capacitors. Since our founding in 1951, we have secured a large market share globally as we continue to innovate and tackle challenges in the development, manufacture, and supply of capacitors. We pursue development of products with high quality and reliability in a wide variety of markets such as automotive, industrial, and consumer. We have also been proactive in overseas expansion of our business in anticipation of globalization. We now have bases in Japan and other parts of the world including the United States, Shanghai, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. We have established a global supply network that enables us to supply high-quality capacitors demanded by customers whenever necessary, in the required quantity, and without interruption even in times of disaster. With this secure supply system, we are ready to meet the expectations of our customers operating in Japan and overseas.

Kazushige Taniguchi

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