History of Company

May 1951
Established Taiyoutsushinkougyo Corporation.
April 1963
Established Ibaraki-Naka factory.
July 1964
Established Nagano-Matsushiro factory.
October 1964
Subsidiary Taiyo Denon Corporation is Established.
April 1967
Established Taiwan Tai Yang Electronic Co., Ltd., a joint venture in Taiwan.
April 1973
Established Sun Electronics Sdn. Bhd.
a joint venture in Malaysia.Started mass production of low voltage polyethlene terephthalate film capacitors.
August 1982
Stopped operation of Sun Electronics Sdn. Bhd. following the installation of an automated line at the Ibaraki-Naka factory.
August 1987
Acquired shares in Tracon Korea Corporation.
October 1987
Changed name of company to Taitsu Corporation.
March 1989
Established distributor Taitsu Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
December 1989
Established Taitsu Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.
January 1991
Established Ibaraki-Ohmiya factory.
January 1993
Tracon Korea Corporation a joint venture, expands to QINGDAO, CHINA.
September 1995
Established Reliability Test Center (R.T.C).
February 1997
Established distributor Taitsu America Inc. in U.S.A.
October 1997
Established Tai Yang Electronic(H.K.) LTD. in Hong Kong.
September 2002
Stopped operation of Nagano-Matsushiro factory.
It is change of jurisdiction integration to Taitsu Electronics (M)Sdn.Bhd. in Malaysia.
August 2003
Established distributor Taitsu Shanghai Trading Co.,Ltd. in China
April 2004
The Ibaraki Naka factory is unified to the Ibaraki Ohmiya factory.
March 2007
Established Suzhou Qing Yang Electronic Co.,Ltd. in Jiangsu,China.
April 2008
Ibaraki Ohmiya factory OEM start of production
September 2010
Showa Electric Co.,Ltd. is purchased and became a subsidiary.
April 2011
Qingdao Tracon is unified to Suzhou Qing Yang Electronic Co.,Ltd.
February 2015
Suzhou Qing Yang Electronic Co., Ltd. to stop operation, closure.
April 2015
Established distributor Taitsu Corporation (Thailand Rep office)in Thailand.
July 2015
Established distributor Taitsu Hong Kong Ltd. in Hong Kong.
August 2015
Established distributor Taitsu(Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Branch in Shenzhen China.
September 2016
Taitsu Singapore Pte.,Ltd. Closed.
February 2017
Taitsu(Shanghai)Trading Co.,Ltd.Shenzhen Branch. Closed.
February 2017
Taitsu Hong Kong Ltd. Closed.
November 2017
Taitsu Corporation (Thailand Rep office) Closed.
Octorber 2020
Takes over the business of Hitachi AIC Inc.
Established new company TAMC Corporation and made it a subsidiary.
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